CaelumOne Solutions Corporation

Product Overview

The name “CaelumOne” comes from the Latin word “Caelum” which means “Vault in the Heavens”. The CaelumOne ECM allows users to access documents using a standard web browser, on any desktop or mobile device. CaelumOne is available as a secure hosted solution, or as an on-premise “enterprise” instance.

CaelumOne believe that information is power and have developed the most powerful information delivery system on the market with its Enterprise Content Management Solution. Employees at CaelumOne are dedicated to ensuring that their customers receive the best cloud-based digital solutions for their needs. With a wide range of expertise they are able to define and enable market-leading technology solutions for a diverse clientele.

Company’s Timeline

Key Platform Pillars

CaelumOne Enterprise & Content Management Module

Web Based Enterprise Content Management & Document Management Solution with secure administration features

Video Encoding & Streaming Module

This module can be combined and published with any Incident documentation easily in HTML as a Virtual Incident File. These can be accessed easily on any device. All files are managed through security protocols using HTTPS encryption in a completely auditable structure

Training Trakker & Certification Module

Distribute highly customized learning experiences across segments, driving engagement and increased adoption with Interactive courses, webinars, events, and more from a single, robust platform."

Product Differentiator

Ingestion of Documentation

Documents go through an indexing, stemming and OCR process for natural search. The publishing of a copy of the document in its original format to HTML


Ability to open any document regardless of size on any device using minimal bandwidth and search all content.

Video Security

Ability to stream any video securely on any device. Enhance your documents with multimedia content, (.AVI files, MP3MP4, WMA

Workflow Automation

Automate document creation process, retention policies and tracker user activity throughout the lifecycle of a document