Ghost Kitchens

Real Estate Services

  • Design and location of both mobile and fixed dark kitchens with insights in State/County/City based approaches
  • Heat mapping of delivery services
  • Advanced scouting demographics in
    100+ major cities
  • Market share weakness
  • Turnkey location services

Operations & Logistic

  • Delivery partner set up
  • Staffing setup with timecard management
  • Human Resources experts with experience in dark kitchen setups
  • Procurement Specialities
  • Experience in F&B Logistics
  • Deep understanding of preparation and execution kitchens
  • Augmentation of pickup and delivery for fixed and mobile kitchens

Talent and Technology

  • Point of Sales Technology
  • Establish a network of 200+ Professional in Key roles for development
  • API Development
  • Full Stack
  • IOS and Android developers
  • Chefs (Head chef, Sous chef, Line cook)
  • Location/Area managers
  • Procurement Experts
  • Delivery Management solution, Kitchen screens and advanced reporting
  • Help create an atmosphere of study – do paperwork, study, or read during the homework time.

Growth and Scale

  • Experience in scaled launch of restaurants/brands of 10+ locations at a single time
  • Mappable growth across a vertical or type of food
  • Experience as well in non-food mobility (i.e. consumer goods, coroner market place convention stores)
  • Ability to turn on and off markets with whined up and whined down protocal