Rapid Hiring Model

Rapid Hiring Model (RHM) Powered by SCOPE

In a quest to define and differentiate, Miami based Leap boosts services to its
Rapid Hiring Model (RHM) platform with additional features and benefits.

Rather than try to predict an uncontrollable future across more than several domains, we at Leap urge everyone to live and work in the now. Of course, so if now, then how?

After a few conversations this past week, the Leap Founders were able to identify some incredibly special features of our fully managed talent consulting services which directly benefit our clients and not just with project results fulfillment. We recognised our level of commitment and how we become an outsourced function of support by default. When people are involved, respect comes first and foremost. Transparency, honesty, guidance are next and one crucial item, 100% due diligence. It is tough enough to get business these days, much like in the Zero Trust world of security, in the people world, we carry the same theme.

The Rapid Hiring Model (RHM) powered by SCOPE

The Rapid Hiring Model (RHM) powered by SCOPE is the leading service selected by a Vision Fund Company.

Introducing SCOPE, a successful capture of the services we provide along with our Rapid Hiring Model (RHM) platform. The RHM is truly about latency and time to deployment measured against any firm and SCOPE is a fully managed service coupled with our custom-built AI Engine to include but not limited to a Candidate Identification Engine, rigorous vetting program of all Candidates,

 recommendations, advisory, kill switches (should there be a bad fit mid process or final stage) scheduling, follow up, feedback and hiring advisory road map. The RHM powered by SCOPE is already deployed and is a proven model with our Flagship clients.

Looking ahead, we shall continue to differentiate our Boutique firm in a competitive environment and our strategic vision is to provide clear definitive product service offerings. Please look out for our response to the need for an “Ageless” program and how we plan to approach and support filling a huge gap in the workforce of the experienced worker. We are still in Research and Design (R&D) mode.

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